Living Earth Coaching

Life Coaching

Transformative Journeying

in Times of Change and Loss

Corinna Moebius

Today’s crises of climate change, ecosystem collapse, and landscape loss leave more and more of us aching with what Stephen Harrod Buhner describes as “Earth Grief,” also known as climate grief, ecological grief, or solastalgia. These are the times when we ask: “What should I do with my life?” “Where do I go from here?” “What is the meaning and purpose of my life?”

I too carry this grief. At the same time, my love and care for Gaia — the Living Earth — motivates me to help fellow humans move into and through this loss and the disorientation that comes with it. Invite me, and I’ll join you as a partner and deep listener on your journey to bravely face these changes. I can help you decolonize your self and discover a resilient kind of hope. 

I’m Corinna Moebius, and I offer a what I call earth-integrated life coaching. My methodology recognizes that we’re threads in a web of life that includes more than just us humans. I draw on my background as an interdisciplinary scholar (social scientist), my experiences as an activist for equitable and sustainable communities, and my way of being, developed in part through my study and practice of animistic eco-spiritual traditions.

I can help you:

  • decolonize mind, body and spirit
  • uncover your “Calling” and its relationship to the wisdom of the Living Earth
  • (re)discover your agency: what you can do, and your power to act
  • generate clear plans of action
  • shake off limiting mindsets and expand awareness of possibilities
  • find the courage to feel fully, grieve, self-reflect and restore wholeness
  • access insights for navigating difficult decisions
  • activate consciousness, creativity, resilience and the trickster spirit

Services I offer include coaching, workshops, rituals/ceremonies, courses, events and speaking. I create a space for you to engage with your body, your senses and feelings, plants and trees and animals, “spirits of place,” creative arts. Face what you/I/we fear and step forward into a liberating transformation of self.

We are more resilient when we recognize how we are embedded in nature and community. Learn how to build alliances, work collaboratively, and strengthen ecosocial fabric (including the fabric of self), across differences. Engage the skills and embody the magical wisdom of archetypes like the trickster: face the shadows, navi-create, and open a way even in dangerous times.

You are not alone. We are in this together.

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.

Chief Seattle, 1854

What is Earth-Integrated Life Coaching?

Earth-integrated life coaching is an approach to coaching that recognizes that humans are embedded in the Living Earth (Gaia). It helps humans suffering with Earth Grief (also known as climate grief, ecological grief and solastalgia) in response to global ecosystem collapse, climate change, landscape loss and other impacts of destructive and exploitative practices. Earth-integrated life coaching helps humans recover an awareness of our embeddedness in the web of life and its impact on our bodies, our “climate of mind,” and our spirits.

In contrast with coaching that fosters “connection” with nature, Earth-integrated life coaching acknowledges that we are nature, and that the nature/culture divide is an invention. Fundamentally, earth-integrated life coaching involves a decolonization of mind, body and spirit.

My Offerings

My offerings are available in person and online.

Earth-Integrated Coaching

Life coaching for transformative self-awareness, creative resilience, and alignment with an ethics of caring.

Planning & Facilitation

Planning and facilitation of events that build wholeness and connection within and without, tailored to your individual or team purpose and needs.


Experiences that expand ways of being, spark imagination, and foster courageous connection.

Walks & Rituals

Walking experiences and customized rituals for personal and collective transformation: grieving, awakening, gratitude, community-building.

The knowledge that you shared with me will forever be of value to me no matter where I go in life. I will always remember your constant encouragement and motivation even when I thought I did not deserve it.

Corinna has inspired me to go back to my community and impact change. She has invigorated me in a profound way!

About Corinna Moebius, Ph.D.

I’m an interdisciplinary, independent coach, scholar, consultant, scholar, mystic and polymath, which means I have a broad range of expertise in different areas. Throughout my career, my “undisciplined” knowledge has helped me innovate, create new methods and tools, and spark Aha! moments for individuals, teams and communities. All my work centers around a core ethic: love and care for Gaia, including both humans and more-than-humans.

Corinna Moebius is the embodiment of talent, passion, compassion, boundless generosity and above all action. I have enjoyed working with her and have watched all of her community empowerment projects grow into networks of proactive communities and successful civic engagements.

Evelin Ramirez-Gleasman

President, Community Builders of America


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