Making a Move: Navigating Change in Uncertain Times

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Open your heart to the magic and wisdom of the Living Earth: Find your way, purpose and resilience.

Corinna Moebius


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In an era of eco-social crises and big changes yet to come, where do you go from here? How do you decide your next move (or adapt to one you never expected) and stay true to the core of who you are?

I’m your thought partner when you’re making a move like relocation or a career change in a climate of uncertainty about the future. Discover your courage and resilience. You’re not alone!

The answers come from within you — when you are attuned to the Living Earth.

We are embedded in a web of life. When you reimagine yourself as part of this web, you break past the limiting beliefs that keep you feeling “stuck” or disoriented. You become attentive to your gifts and your sense of purpose. You awaken your planetary self.

I’m Corinna Moebius, Ph.D.: A coach, writer, speaker and educator who cares deeply about people and planet. 

Unfurl as your most inspired self!

I can help you:

  • plan a move (or orient yourself after a move), such as a relocation, a job/career change, new singlehood
  • get unstuck when you don’t know where to go or what to do with your life or a particular situation
  • attune to your deep Calling, your gifts, your creative flow, and your sense of purpose
  • restore your sense of wonder and interconnectedness with the natural world
  • summon the courage to feel fully, reflect, and restore wholeness
  • activate consciousness, creativity, and resilience to face what lies ahead, whatever it might be

Services I offer include coaching, workshops, rituals/ceremonies, courses, events and speaking. 

As someone who is a veteran of coaching, therapy, and all sorts of healing modalities, it is my pleasure to say that Corinna is truly excellent.

She has a special blend of deftness in the material world with holding space for the spiritual and emotional. Her values of living a life that is truly meaningful and vibrant are the foundation of which allow me to work with her in a deep way.

She brings concrete, usable tools and combines them with her wide, expansive perspective to offer grounding, illuminating, and helpful guidance.

Audrey Brown

My Approach to Life Coaching

My approach to life coaching is grounded in planetary environmental ethics. It is based on the latest research in the social sciences, a deep understanding of how people from various parts of the world have coped with dramatic change in the past, and an understanding of the “magic” of kindness, empathy, community and spirit of place.


I listen deeply and frame what you share in ways that illuminate your gifts and opportunities. I help you clarify dreams and goals, address limiting beliefs, reflect on outcomes, and identify what’s needed for next steps

The tools, rituals and activities I share with you are customized to your specific needs, circumstances and context.


Engage with original models, principles, concepts and tools that expand your eco-social self-awareness and inspire Aha! moments.

By releasing yourself from binary thinking (e.g., mind over body, culture over nature, self over other), you will be able to recognize opportunities you didn’t know existed. You will also build the resilience needed in times of change.


Your “self” is constantly (re)created through relations and interactions with fellow human beings as well as more-than-humans (plants, animals and other beings).

When you learn how to embrace a relational, embodied, and intuitive view of yourself (an eco-social sense of self), you’re liberating your heart to feel the joy of interconnectedness with the web of life.


Recognize what you can give … and receive. Gain alternative frameworks for looking at opportunities and challenges. Feel inspired, energized and courageous to step forward on your journey, embracing an ethics of caring.

Build empathy, resilience and relationships in an era when massive ecological crises are dramatically shaping our lives.

My Offerings

Most of my offerings are available in person and online. Schedule a free consultation now!

Life Coaching

Life coaching for your next move, increasing transformative self-awareness, creative resilience, and alignment with an ethics of caring.

Advisement & Facilitation

Consulting for and/or facilitation of client-hosted activities and events aimed at building wholeness and connection within and without.


Experiences that expand ways of being, spark imagination, and foster courageous connection, especially when you may feel alone,  disoriented, and isolated.

Walks & Rituals

Walking experiences and customized rituals for personal and collective transformation: grieving, awakening, gratitude, community-building.

About Corinna Moebius, Ph.D.

I’m a coach, consultant, writer, and teacher with a passion for helping people (re)discover their “inner interconnectedness” as well as their interconnectedness with people, place and planet. I consider myself something of a “border-crosser,” as I have great deal of personal experience adapting to change, new places, and uncertain situations.

I am trained in one of the world’s most respected life coaching programs: the Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coaching methodology. I also bring to my coaching my interdisciplinary Ph.D. in the social sciences (urban and cultural anthropology, cultural geography, sociology). My research has always focused on how people adapt to new places and uncertain situations.

Throughout my career, my “undisciplined” knowledge has helped me innovate, create new methods and tools, and spark Aha! moments for individuals, teams and communities.

All my work centers around an ethic of caring for people, place and planet.

Corinna has inspired me to go back to my community and impact change. She has invigorated me in a profound way!


Live Healthy Little Havana

Corinna Moebius is the embodiment of talent, passion, compassion, boundless generosity and above all action.


President, Community Builders of America


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