About Corinna J. Moebius, Ph.D.

Corinna Moebius, Ph.D. is an ecospiritual life coach and eco-cultural anthropologist passionate about re-awakening humans to their embeddedness in the web of life. She helps people engage in life change with courage and resilience, rooted in care for themselves, for communities, and for all beings that are part of the Living Earth.

She founded ecospiritual life coaching in part because she was unsettled with traditional life coaching, which struck her as out of step with recent ecological and social scientific theories. She sees a deep need to help humans shift from the mindsets that brought us to the ecosocial crisis we face today. She wants to provide climate-aware, nature-connected (and spiritually-connected) coaching that recognizes that we ARE nature, not separate from it.

Corinna has practiced ecospiritual traditions since childhood, and is a modern Druid with the earth-honoring Ancient Order of Druids in America. She has spent her entire career working to expand inclusion, equity, and community engagement in decisions that impact land, place and the environment. A longtime consultant and coach, she has designed and delivered numerous workshops and trainings, served as a subject matter expert for city governments and national organizations, and has led hundreds of walking tours.

She is also an award-winning civic leader featured in a PBS mini-documentary and interviewed for numerous news outlets worldwide, including The New York Times, NPR, Germany’s Der Spiegel, and National Geographic Traveler.

Corinna holds a Ph.D. in Global and Sociocultural Studies from Florida International University (with Graduate Certificates in African & African Diaspora Studies and Afro-Latin American Studies) and an M.A. in Speech Communication from California State University, Northridge. She is certified in Permaculture Design and received a Certificate in Visionary Leadership from the Center for Visionary Leadership, learning directly from the founders of Sirius, an ecological village in Massachusetts.

Corinna lives in a Victorian house in the tree-filled neighborhood of Mt. Washington, in Baltimore, MD, after having lived for nearly 15 years in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. She sits on the board of the neighborhood association and hosts live jazz sessions on her wrap-around porch.

Learn more about Corinna at corinnajmoebius.com.

Read Corinna’s story about experiences that strengthened her own resilience and shaped her ways of knowing and being in the world.

Corinna Moebius

Education & Certifications

Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coaching Certification, expected 2022

Environmental Education Outcomes Certificate, 2021
Cornell University

Ph.D. Global & Sociocultural Studies, 2019
(Interdisciplinary: Cultural anthropology, cultural geography, sociology). Graduate Certificates: Afro-Latin American Studies, African & African & African Diaspora Studies. Winner of the Alex Stepick Award for Outstanding Dissertation
Florida International University

M.A. Global & Sociocultural Studies, 2015
Florida International University

Permaculture Design Certificate, 2008
The Permaculture Guild (Grow Permaculture)

Arts Management Certificate, 2005
Creative Assets: Summer Institute for Arts Management, Arts Extension Service at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Visionary Leadership for Women Certificate, 1999
Center for Visionary Leadership

M.A. Speech Communication, 1995
(Interdisciplinary: Performance Studies, Organizational Communication, Intercultural Communication, Cultural Studies)
California State University, Northridge

Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration, 1985
(Self-designed major in Communications and Anthropology, Minor: Geography)
University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2018
University Graduate School, Florida International

Goizueta Graduate Fellow, 2017
Cuban Heritage Collection, University of Miami

Graduate Fellow, 2014
Latino Museum Studies Program, Smithsonian Latino Center

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Values & Beliefs

When we dismantle the social divides said to separate us from others — human and more-than-human, we begin to restore an ethics of caring. By recognizing our interconnectedness, we revive our capacity to sustain ourselves and the sacred, Living Earth.

Inlakech: "You Are My Other Me"

Chicano activist Javier Gomez taught me an ancient Mayan philosophy called Inlakech: “You are my other me. What I do to you, I do to myself.” In ordinary and everyday actions and interactions, I always consider ripple effects: how to nourish rather than extract from people, place and planet.

Sacred Action: People Care, Earth Care & Fair Share

I believe in what Arch-Druid Dana O’Driscoll describes as “Sacred Action.” I further sacred connections with the land by weaving together my Earth-centered spiritual practices with Earth-sustaining and regenerative living practices.

Embody Wisdom

My body is the material that allows me to make an impact on the world. I feel it as a portal that receives spiritual and Living Earth wisdom and then emanates it in my own unique way. 

Iwa Pele: "Good Character"

Iwa Pele is a Yoruba concept. It means living harmoniously in the Universe and not damaging those around us, the Living Earth, or the Universe in which we live. A person with Iwa Pele is someone who is kind, community-oriented, collaborative, patient, helpful to others, and balanced. I am always seeking ways to apply my gifts and talents to bettering our world.

Previous Clients

A select list …

  • 2M Center/East of the River Technology Collaborative
  • ARCH Institute (Access to Racial & Cultural Health)
  • Black Visitors Council of Miami
    (now the Multicultural Heritage Tourism division of the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau)
  • Broward Arts Council
  • District Department of Transportation
  • Community Technology Centers Network
  • DC Office of Planning
  • The Forum for Intercultural Communication/Global Woman
  • Gateway Community Development Foundation
  • Humanities Council of Washington, DC
  • IFE-ILE Afro-Cuban Dance & Music
  • Inhabit Earth (formerly Earth Learning)
  • Morino Institute
  • Multicultural Community Services
  • San Diego Girl’s Alliance/EnviroFest at Chollas Park
  • Smithsonian Center for Education & Museum Studies
  • Sol y Soul: Arts for Social Change
  • Step Afrika!
  • U.S. Department of Justice

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