Ecosocial Coaching with Corinna J. Moebius, Ph.D.

How Do You Live in the World Right Now?


There’s no sugarcoating it.

We’re living in a time of great anxiety about the future. During our collective experience with COVID-19, we’ve also been taking the time to ask what really matters right now.

Is it the same “get rich quick” blather that blasts us from every corner and promises fortune and success? Is it the same job, the same working style, the same Zoom meetings?

Perhaps you’re starting to pay attention to the nudge you feel inside–the one you’ve been shushing away for years. When does this nudge, this urge, this Calling fill your heart and remind you that it exists?

Maybe you are trying to figure out your identity and your purpose. Perhaps you’re considering a career change. Starting something new. Joining or building an eco-business … or an ecosocial movement. Transforming the work culture of your organization. Perhaps you’re facing another big (or small) decision.

You just know that you want to honor the tug this time around. You want your gifts and talents to support the world you envision when you feel the Call.

So what matters now?

Freeing your ecosocial self, and supporting others to do so, too.

Some ways of thinking make it easier for others to dominate and exploit YOU and others: minds, bodies, land, and Earth. Some ways of thinking pull you in to participate in this domination and the divides–internal and external–it depends upon.

That tug, that urge you feel within yourself?

That’s your urge to be free.

It’s a reminder that you are embedded in a much bigger world, a web of life–a web of interdependant relationships, of connections, of magic. You are one thread, but countless others link to you, each representing a flowing of life and vitality.


Let’s talk. I’ll help you open the way.

Ecosocial Life Coaching

My alternative to traditional life coaching recognizes non-dominant understandings of the self. It’s not rooted in problematic divides that separate nature from culture, mind from body, etc. My ecosocial approach and tools emphasize the sacredness of nature, our embeddedness in nature, community, and an ethics of caring. My approach also recognizes the significant impact of ideas about race and property (legacies of colonialism) on our internalized understandings of self. Navigate shifts and discern the “Calling” to balance mind, body and spirit with people, place and planet.

My Approach: Transformation with Moebius Magic

My coaching tools help you transform into the whole you, so you can find your flow individually and collectively.

Is this You? The R.I.P.P.E.D. Self

  • Removed: You feel removed from your body, spirit and from nurturing networks of support.
  • Isolated and Indebted: You’re withdrawing and think that you’re not doing or haven’t done enough.
  • Promised: You endure poor conditions (like a toxic workplace) based on promises, aspirations, or fear, and don’t see other options.
  • Packaged: You willingly package and “pitch” fragments of your identity to the world.
  • Exploiting (and Exploited): You or others are treating your body, land, Earth and others as exploitable resources.
  • Divided: You see parts, not whole, and think that the divides that separate you from people, place and the Living Earth are natural and inherent: “That’s just the way it is.”

Moebius Magic: B.E. F.R.E.E.

  • Balance: You feel the balance between your mind, body, spirit and people, place and planet.
  • Energizing: You recognize your agency — your power to act, create and transform.
  • Flow: You feel creative flow and move from “essentialist” thinking to understanding the fluidity of things, including time and space.
  • Relational: You perceive the wholes and relationships in our complex world: you think about ripple effects. You think/feel the relationships that flow through you.
  • Embedded: You sense that you are embedded in (and not separate from) your body, place, nature, spirit and Earth. You recognize your embodied wisdom.
  • Empathic: You recognize the solidarity of shared empathy and the power of navi-creating a way with others.

The Coaching Process

1. Complete an Application Package

The first step is to complete some initial paperwork so that I can get to know you better and assess whether or not I can meet your needs.

4. Initial Consultation

If I approve your application, I schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation with you, held via Zoom. I clarify what eco-cultural life coaching is (and isn’t!). We discuss your broad goals for the coaching, which package best works for you (or if you prefer an a la carte option), and scheduling. If you are able to have sessions in-person, we make these arrangements, too. If you decide to move forward, I prepare a Coaching Agreement based on this session.

3. Sign a Coaching Agreement

Next, you review the Coaching Agreement. If it is amenable to you, sign it, make your payment, and we move forward!

4. Coaching Sessions

Based on the Agreement, we continue with 1-hour coaching sessions. Sessions will take place in person (in my Baltimore office) or outside, if you wish, keeping in mind the level of privacy you may need and desire. I also offer sessions virtually, via Zoom. Most clients prefer to have sessions once a week.

5. Concluding Session and Next Steps

After the last session in your package, you can decide to make it your concluding session or purchase additional packages/sessions.

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