Life Coaching & Thought Partnership

Customized life coaching sessions, designed to help you navigate your next move. 

Most sessions are 60 minutes long, with a minimum package of three sessions ($185 per hour for three sessions or $175 per hour for six sessions). I offer discounted rates to a limited number of people based on financial need. 

Visit my FAQ to learn more about my coaching process, differences between coaching and therapy, etc.

walk in the forest

Walks & Rituals

Transformative walks outdoors and rituals of caring. Most take place in Baltimore, Maryland but I will also be offering walks and rituals in Miami, Florida. These experiences are like a Moebius or Möbius strip — they help move you from binary and siloed thinking to regenerative, relational thinking. They open a way for collective healing, sharing grief and aspirations, anxiety and wonder.

I can also offer walks and rituals in your location, upon request and availability.

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walk in the forest


Workshops (in person and online) that inspire, engage and create a space for transformation. My workshops center participants, foster group bonding, balance content and process, and take a living systems approach. They facilitate new ways of “knowing” — incorporating mind, body, spirit, senses and beyond — and thus have long-term and wide-ranging impacts.

Workshops incorporate interaction, movement, reflection, creative activities, and questions that generate “Aha!” moments. In my role as leader, I act as as a steward and “guide on the side.” Learn more about my Fall 2022 workshops and sign up for my newsletter to find out when you can start reserving your space!


Group synthesis activities are very challenging. You need someone who can communicate to the group and to each individual, in multiple modalities. Corinna has a deep, intuitive sense about different learning styles, interpersonal reactions to group activities, and creating space for individual co-learning and expression.

She sees the forest, and each tree at the same time.

She can communicate complex material in a form that everyone understands: via word, image, sound, motion, and silence. I would never venture into a group synthesis activity without her wisdom.

Anthony Olivieri

Founder/Principal, FHEED LLC (Food for Health, the Environment, Economy & Democracy)

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