with Corinna J. Moebius, Ph.D.

Sometimes we need rituals, walks and other experiences — especially outdoors — to lift us into another level of awareness and sense of being. For many years now, I have created and facilitated transformative rituals and hundreds of walking experiences.

I weave together then and now, here and there, above and below, while at the same time conjuring heightened awareness to body, place, land, and the materials with which we make meaning, from trees to stones to buildings to fellow humans! We interact with each other and with the Living Earth. When I behold the sparkle and light in the eyes of participants, my heart sings. It is an affirmation like no other!

These experiences are like a Moebius or Möbius strip — they help move you from binary and siloed thinking to regenerative, relational thinking. They also create a space for healing, sharing grief and aspirations, anxiety and wonder, dismay and curiousity. Discover and strengthen your resilience.

It was truly uplifting, connecting, energizing and transformative!!

Linda McGlathery

Founder & Executive Director, RICKSHAW Design

In September 2022 I will begin offering rituals and walking experiences in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC. I may also offer some in Miami, Florida.

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