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“In the heart of Miami, Little Havana is a neighborhood buzzing with culture. Still imagined as primarily a Cuban extension of the city, it has been a sanctuary to refugees since the 1959 revolution and has experienced fascinating changes to become what it is today. Find out how a location associated with old Cubans playing dominos has become a vibrant, multi-ethnic community and a birthplace of Miami’s most exciting arts and music movements. Learn why Little Havana has continued to serve as a political stage for thousands of Cubans demonstrating on its streets, like the famous Calle Ocho. Authors Guillermo Grenier and Corinna Moebius trace the history and growth of this Latino epicenter in the first in-depth portrait of a world-renowned neighborhood.”

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Rolling Down the River

Oftentimes we use the metaphor of the “path” to describe our personal journeys, as if we are forging a path through a wild world, making our way alone. Yet the river reminds us of our interconnectedness.

Regenerating Ourselves: Lessons from Permaculture

If we want to regenerate our selves in ways that are more holistic and resilient, we can turn to permaculture for ideas. Some years ago, I received in-person training and certification in permaculture design from one of the top permaculture experts in the U.S.: Koreen...

The Garden: Cultivating Community

In my neighborhood’s community garden, we share the tasks, work together, and share the day’s harvest. This is how we cultivate a spirit of community.

Encounters with Strangers Along the Path

On a balmy Sunday in May, I decided I'd finally go for a walk along a walking trail I'd heard about from a neighbor. I'm still relatively new to my Baltimore neighborhood, so I was thrilled to learn about it! The path connects two neighborhoods via a bridge over...

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